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"We come into this world with nothing and we take nothing with us when we leave. What matters is what we do in between. It is not what we take up, but what we give out that makes us rich."

Lavji Kalyanji Sanghrajka
Source of our inspiration and the foundation of our integrity

About the Foundation

The Nonprofit Spirit of Big Five Foundation

Supporting Sustainable Tourism for a Better Tomorrow

The idea for the Spirit of Big Five Foundation arose organically over time, and grew out of the guiding philosophy of Big Five Tours & Expeditions, a leading luxury tour operator. Since its inception in 1973, our company has been committed to responsible travel that fosters the preservation of our wildlife and cultural heritage and, equally important, the well-being of local communities.

Formally launched in 2007 as a 501 3c nonprofit organization, the foundation seeks to broaden the scope and depth of support to conservation, poverty alleviation, education and healthcare in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

Spirit of Big Five Foundation is funded by the Sanghrajka family, the founders of Big Five Tours & Expeditions. But with many of our guests returning home from their journeys also inspired to make a difference and to be part of the solution, we welcome guest donations to our foundation's work. And to honor that sense of community and dedication to making the world a better place, the Spirit of Big Five Foundation guarantees that 100% of any donation you make will go directly to your chosen project(s).

We are proud of the important projects we support around the world, demonstrating how tourism can also help protect nature and sustain the well-being of local communities. If you are also inspired by the projects you see on this website – projects that we have carefully reviewed and vetted – then we encourage you to consider making a personal donation. And if you are a nonprofit organization seeking funding from our Foundation, please see "How to Apply."

We hope you will join us as we continue our mission to support biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation and poverty alleviation through sustainable tourism.

Thank you for your interest in the Spirit of Big Five Foundation.

Mahen Sanghrajka

Mahen Sanghrajka
Chairman, Spirit of Big Five Foundation

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News & Updates
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