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We are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy in Haiti. Our thoughts remain with those who have been lost, those who have lost everything and those left to restore hope in the midst of unimaginable suffering.

For a country that has experienced more than its fair share of hardship, the burden of rebuilding weighs especially heavily. After working throughout the past few weeks to determine how best to support the people of Haiti in this endeavor, we are proud to announce a special partnership between The Bodhi Tree Foundation and The Spirit of Big Five Foundation to support the work of Edeyo, a non-profit working on the ground in Port-au-Prince to help affected children and their families.

The Spirit of Big Five Foundation and The Bodhi Tree Foundation have agreed to offer matching funds to support this important grassroots organization but we're reaching out to you in the hope that together, with your help, we can do even more. These children will inherit the legacy of our actions. We ask that you donate now to support their future.

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The Vision of Edeyo

Edeyo's Resolve to help the people of Haiti has been strengthened by the earthquake. The vision is to rebuild the
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