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Heritage Watch

Heritage Watch

Heritage Watch was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Cambodia's cultural heritage.  Based in Phnom Penh, its goals are to prevent looting and illicit trade of antiquities in Cambodia while promoting tourism and economic development that is responsible, sustainable, and "heritage-friendly."

In 2007, Heritage Watch launched an innovative project of heritage protection and poverty alleviation through sustainable tourism at one of Southeast Asia's largest temple complexes, the ancient Khmer capital of Koh Ker. The site was heavily plundered in the 1990s, but much of it is still intact, and its future protection hinges on the well-being of the local community and their ability to benefit from tourism.

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Preservation of Cambodian Culture

Heritage Watch has provided training in heritage protection and conservation for the local community, organizing and equipping community patrols to
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